みなと鈴(みなと りん)

2月5日生まれ みずがめ座 B型
東京家政大学 家政学部 服飾美術学科 美術専攻(現・造形表現学科)卒。

1995年 東京家政大学在学中にソニーマガジンズ「きみとぼく」よりデビュー。

1999年より 講談社「別冊フレンド」の姉妹誌であった隔月発行の「Juliet」や 増刊「the 別フレ」「別フレ1000」などで毎年7~8回執筆。

2000年 デビュー誌「きみとぼく」廃刊。

2006年 「おねいちゃんといっしょ/講談社刊・全5巻」が第10回文化庁メディア芸術祭
審査委員会推薦作品に。同年 結婚、翌2007年第一子出産。


2011年 流産を経験。
2013年 第二子出産。

2021年現在、秋田書店 月刊「Eleganceイブ」にて


  • Minato Rin (みなと 鈴)
  • Born on February 5. 
  • Aquarius. 
  • Blood type B. 
  • Graduated from Tokyo Kasei University. Measured in Clothing and Art (currently called Art and Design).
  • Born in Kanagawa Pref, raised in Saitama Pref.
  • Debuted as a published manga writer while still in university in 1995. The debut manga title was “Kimi to Boku” (“You and I”) published by Sony Magazines. 
  • “PEARL Garden”, a manga I had worked on before my first debut work, got an honorable mention in a manga contest I applied for and started writing sequels of it for about 2 and a half years.
  • Contributed mangas to Kodansha Ltd. 7 to 8 times per year starting from 1999,  and wrote for comic magazines such as  “Juliet”, a special edition comic magazine called The別フレ (“The Betsu Fre”) and 別フレ1000 (“Betsu Fre 1000”) all of which were offshoot of “Bessatsu Friend” a.k.a. 別フレ“Betsu Fre”.
  • The debut comic series “Kimi to Boku” (“You and I”) was discontinued in 2000.
  • All 5 serials of “Oneichan to Issho” (“Sister and Me”) published by Kodansha were nominated for a Jury recommended work prize at the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2006.
  • Got married in 2006 and had my first child in 2007.
  • One-page manga strips called ”Mazu Pen wo Tore!”  (First, Grab a Pen!”), which showed how to draw manga for amateur manga writers, were printed in “Betsu Fre” comic magazines for 2 years until at the end of 2008.
  • Became a full-time stay-at-home mom due to the fact that my first child was diagnosed with autism when my daughter was 2 years and 4 months old.
  • Experienced a miscarriage in 2011.
  • Gave birth to my second daughter in 2012.
  • As of now in 2021, I am writing ムーちゃんと手をつないで~自閉症の娘(キミ)が教えてくれたこと~ (“Mu-chan to Te wo Tsunaide ~ The Things You Have Taught Us~”) for the monthly magazine Eleganceイブ (“Elegance Eve”) puclished by Akita Publisher Co., Ltd.
    Have taken up my pen again, while raising two very unique, artistic and fantastic children, one with severe autism and another with neurotypical development.


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